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Life Sciences

Medical devices, Summaries of product characteristics, Clinical trials, Fact sheets for patients, Patient information leaflets, Popularizing articles, TV documentary scripts, Informed consents, Medical questionnaires, Manuals, Annual reports.


Contracts and agreements, Terms and conditions, Insurance policies, Patents, Children’s services documents and reports, Statements, Sentences, Judgments, Warrants, Certificates, Care plans, Expert reports, Notices of proceedings, Criminal records.


Websites, Press releases, Policies, Presentations and pitches, Training and employee guides, Leaflets & marketing campaigns.


IFU (e.g. hardware and software guides and manuals), Software, Videogames (e.g. PS3, Xbox, PSP, Nintendo), E-learning, Websites, Magazine articles.


Susana ValdezTranslator

My name is Susana Valdez and I'm a language specialist. Although I work proficiently in many fields, I specialize in the life sciences, legal, business and software/hardware sectors. Successful businesses know that language is part of their brand. With my skills and dedication, we can work together to push your business further.

Translation is my day-to-day job and I've translated more than 600,000 words per year for the last 10 years. This year alone, I've had more than 100 satisfied clients. And what about long-term projects, you ask? I have clients who have been with me for a decade. But this is not just about numbers, but reliability.



Every single project goes through a quality control process.


Strictly met.


Your words are unique and mine will be too.


The project doesn't end until you're happy with the outcome.

Would you like to know more about my academic background and experience? Please do not hesitate to contact me: ask me any questions you may have or request a copy of my CV, qualifications or letters of recommendation.

  • FCSH



Organization strategy

  • Project management

Communication strategy

  • Client
  • Reviewer
  • Consultants

Translation strategy

  • Tactics

Documentation strategy

  • Reference material
  • Industry standard terminology
  • Glossaries
  • Style guides
  • Local market standards

Instrument strategy

  • Computer assisted translation software
  • Terminology management software
  • Corpus linguistic software

Quality control strategy

  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Quality control automatic checks
  • Files integrity automatic checks
  • Terminology and style automatic checks
  • Human third-person revision, proofreading and updating